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Change in RCIE management-team

With great thanks and appreciation to Andrea Holzinger and David Wohlhart, 2 functions of the RCIE management team were handed over to their successors Edvina Bešić (PHSt) and Martina Kalcher (PPH Augustinum) (Photo: Andrea Holzinger, Martina Kalcher, Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera, Edvina Bešić, David Wohlhart, f.l.t.r., Copyright PHSt Kopp-Sixt 2022)

Photo 2: Farewell thanks to Caroline Breyer (Andrea Hozinger, Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera, Caroline Breyer f.l.t.r.) Copyright PHSt Kopp-Sixt 2022

Foto 3: Project-team of RCIE 30-9-22 (Copyright PHSt Kopp-Sixt 2022)

Andrea Holzinger from PH Steiermark and David Wohlhart from PPH Augustinum, both previously in the management team of RCIE, stand for pioneering work in inclusion in Styria and throughout Austria. Both have brought extraordinary commitment and high expertise to this topic in science and teaching throughout their professional careers. They are great networkers and inspiring ambassadors of inclusion; for them, the focus has always been on people and their needs. Together with Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera, they were founding members of the RCIE, a joint center of three universities. They have also driven innovative research and teaching of inclusive education at RCIE, promoting and supporting trainees, educators and researchers. Now they have entered their well-deserved professional retirement. Their outstanding professional commitment was honored and recognized in several committees of the universities and also in RCIE. The whole team of RCIE thanks them for their tireless efforts and will stay connected to them!

A new management team has now been nominated by the universities: the two previous deputies - also top-class experts in inclusion - Martina Kalcher from the PPH Augustinum and Edvina Bešić from the PH Steiermark now form the new RCIE management team with Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera and will continue to pursue the agendas of the RCIE just as determinedly. Prof. Dr. Martina Kalcher, Bakk. MSc is a professor in the Department of Educational Sciences with a focus on inclusion at the PPH Augustinum and HS-Prof. Mag. Edvina Bešić, MSc PhD is a university professor for inclusion research and inclusive didactics at the PH Steiermark.

In addition, RCIE researcher Caroline Breyer, PhD MSc Bakk. left the RCIE team due a new career move: she will continue research and teaching on her heart topics pedagogy and inclusion at PH Steiermark, but will stay connected to the RCIE team. We thank her as a colleague valued by all for her outstanding commitment!



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