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RCIE at TEPE 2022 „Enhancing the value of teacher education research: Implications for policy and practice”

Jessica Berger, Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera, Silvia Kopp-Sixt und Konstanze Edtstadler (f.l.t.r.) at TEPE conference/Copyright: S. Kopp-Sixt

Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera presenting RCIE at TEPE22 /Copyright S. Kopp-Sixt

Posterpresentation Project Hand in Hand by Christina Oswald/Copyright Melina Tinnacher

The international TEPE conference took place from 11th to 13th of April 2022 at the University of Graz and has dealt with the topic of "Enhancing the value of teacher education research: Implications for policy and practice".

Researchers from RCIE presented their current projects there: Silvia Kopp-Sixt, MA presented the SELFIE-Study „Self-reflection of Inclusive Schools’ Strengths and Weaknesses Regarding Technology Use in Four European Countries“. Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera conducted the Symposium „Inclusive Education in a Digital Age: Enabling Teachers to Teach Diverse Students“, where three projects were presented: Silvia Kopp-Sixt, MA; Jessica Berger, BA MSc und Konstanze Edtstadler gave insight about Project Dig IN; Project RegioDif and Project Iderblog;

Mag. Oswald Christina, MSc presented the poster of the Project Hand in Hand and Jessica Berger , BA MSc  the Project RegiNaDiff.

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The Abstract-Book can be found here.


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